Welcome to the International Hapkido Alliance


I would like to welcome you to the International Hapkido Alliance (IHA), and the study of the Korean Martial Art—Hapkido. The study of Hapkido is a challenging and interesting one and the Instructors at all our Dojangs (Schools) world wide take great pride in being available to help you in your study of Hapkido.


Promotion in Hapkido is through different coloured belts. Even though the different belt levels will give you goals to achieve, your first goal should always be to learn each technique on each belt as well as possible, and only once this has been achieved, to aim to grade to the next coloured belt. There are 8 different coloured belt levels in our system, they are White, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, Red and Provisional Black Belt.


The IHA Website has been designed to be used as an ongoing reference to your learning, locating the nearest IHA school and I encourage you to train hard. We pride ourselves on the quality and study of the Art—Hapkido.


Again welcome to the International Hapkido Alliance and I look forward to training with you soon.



Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth
IHA Chief Instructor