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Levels of Access (User Groups) - What should I Apply to?

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2005 1:30 pm
by Grandmaster G
There are a number of Levels of access to the IHA Forum and they are outlined below.

Click on the Usergroups button on the top right of the page and apply to join the one that fits you.

1. Black Belt - This is open to all certified Black Belts of the IHA.
(This gives access to the Black Belt & Student Sections)

2. Instructor - This is open to all members of the IHA who have completed or are in the process of their official IHA Instructors Course.
(This gives access to the Instructors & Student Section)

3. Representative - This is open to all IHA representatives.
(This gives access to all sections of the forum)

As you can see in some cases you only need to apply for membership in 1 user group to get the access to more than one forum.


Master Geoff J. Booth