Onto Flight #1 Sydney to Bangkok with Thai Airways. The 747’s are getting old with a lot of them now 40ish, they are truly one of the most dependable work horses of the skies even if they are currently being replaced with newer 2 engine jets for less noise, less fuel and more safety. Still Thai airways do a good job with their inflight service and I expect to be able to while away the 9 hours putting together the outline for the world tour trip report, the maps and miscellaneous stuff. I also have been put a challenge by CGN Fabian where he will do 500 burpies if I succeed. Challenge accepted, a picture of me wearing some country specific clothing in each country I teach Hapkido. I am lucky the open seat next to me stays that way so that gives me more room to stretch out for the flight. Arrival into Bangkok is smooth and I get the shuttle for my hotel into the city. The next couple of days are open, so I work on the maps and other world tour prep I can do, enjoy a few nice meals and enjoy some downtime. I returned to one particular restaurant where I think they thought I was a Critic from last time, and the chef not only cooked me a special menu (talk about stuffed), I got a special desert. Apart from that meal, I also enjoyed visiting the new Robuchon location that opened recently in Bangkok, I normally enjoy the location in Vegas each trip. After chatting with staff, I get a card from one of the senior guys who is actually just visiting for quality control and get told to show it to the one in London for a treat…

World Tour Hapkido 2

Fine Dining at Robuchon Bangkok

World Tour Hapkido 3

Fine Dining at Robuchon Bangkok

World Tour Hapkido 4

That’s about 80 Aus Cents to cross the road

World Tour Hapkido 5

Nice of them to have a special seat for a Hapkidoist and his Cane